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Book-Rider advantages

1. Create your own personalized and professional website
2. Manage your Rider career
3. Take advantage of the first Extreme Sport network


1. Definition of the concept adapted to the Riders
2. Professional benefits (Sponsoring, modeling, teach your sport …)
3. Personal benefits (to be a member of the Extreme Spot Network, share your talent...)


1. Definition of « Professional » of Extreme Sport
2. Be able to find Skilled Riders and work with them
3. Present my work, my creations and receive announcers' offers


1. You register on the website and you complete your information
2. You create your website in a few clicks
3. You are visible on and you get all the included services


Create your own tiny web site and manage it with a simple way thanks to an easy system of use which helps you to customize it as you want.


BOOK-RIDER.COM is the first Extreme Sports directory

Riders are members of the Extreme Sport community and share values, the same codes, a language linked to the research of strong sensations. understood it well and allows the enthusiasts of Extreme Sports (amateur and professional) to propose their services and expose their image to professionals of the fashion, the cinema, the media, the independent photographers or sponsors to live from their Passion but also to exchange and to share with the other Riders.
The Book-Rider Directory is the classification of all the Riders and Specialists books. It organizes them by specialty, sport, level, age, localization, etc. Thanks to two systems of search (advanced and by key word), find the rider or the extreme sport specialist that we are looking for becomes really simple.
This Data base is the easiest way to find a Rider or an Extreme sport Specialist.
For example : a casting director is looking for a Rider profile --> he consults our Riders Directory and he finds the searched profile, or a cameraman needs some Riders for his video clip --> he consults the Directory of Extreme Sports enthousiasts of Book-Rider.